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Woods Used and Notes
19in x 26in
Wenge, Walnut, Poplar, Mahoghany, Redwood, Holly, Cherry, Oak, Willow, Bloodwood, Aeromatic Cedar, Soft Wormy Maple, Birds Eye Maple, oak plywood backing, oak oval frame with Wenge inlay.
28in x 27.5in
3rd Place Winnder at Colorado State Fair Fine Arts
Italia, Scarlet Night, Ebony Swirl, Patriot.
20.5in x 13in
Poplar, Oak, Bloodwood, Mahoghany, Cherry, Walnut, Lacewood, Alder, Paduuk, Wengem, Oak Plywood Backing.
19.75in x 24in
Poplar, Soft Wormy Maple, Oak, Yellow Heart, Pine, Bloodwood, Wenge. Blue mirror Plexiglass backing with poplar frame.
16.5in x 20in
Cherry, Soft Wormy Maple, Wenge, Yellow Heart, Bubinga, Hard Maple, Walnut, Cedar, Colorply.
22.5in x 13.5in
Bloodwood, Pine, Canary Wood, Yello Heart, Bubinga, Wenge, Cherry, Walnut, Soft Wormy Maple.
21.5in x 12in
Cherry, Wenge, Pine, Imbuia, with oak plywood backing.
13.5in x 11.5in
Wenge, Cherry, Bloodwood, Soft Wormy Maple, Oak Plywood backing.
9in x 14in
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Pine, Canary Wood, Purple Heart, Yellow Heart, Wenge, Mahoghany, Walnut, Holly, Bloodwood, Poplar.
22.5in x 31in
Cherry, Oak, Wenge, Lacewood, Pine, Soft Wormy Maple, Mahoghany, Poplar, Aeromatic Cedarm, Walnut, Yellow Heart, Canary Wood, Redwood.
"Begining of the Trail"
Begining of the Trail
49in x 36.5in
Soft Wormy maple, Redwood, Oak, Wenge, Paduuk, Walnut, Cherry, Beach, Bloodwood, Yellow Heart, Imbuia, Zebrawood, Silver Maple, pine, Mahoghany, Colorply Italia, Oak plywood backing.
"Indian Paint"
Indian Paint
22.5in x 15in
Wenge,Poplar, Mahoghany, Redwood, Hard Maple, Douglas Fir, Walnut, Soft Wormy maple, Birds Eye Maple, Imbuia, oak plywood backing.
"Eye of the Tiger"
Eye of the Tiger
15in x 22.5in
Gum wood, Wenge, Walnut, Hard Maple, Zebra Wood, Mahoghany, Pine, Chechen, Koa, Oak Plywood Backing with cherry oval frame.
"Humming Bird"
Humming Bird
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Bloodwood, Poplar, Wenge, Yellow Heart, Walnut, Holly, Cherry plywood backing with Oak Octagon frame.
"Tweety and Sylvester"
Tweety and Sylvester
17in dia
Yellow Heart, Wenge, Blood Wood, Hard Maple, Solft Wormy maple, Walnut, Canary Wood, Cherry, Maple plywood with pine frame.
19in x 22.25in
Purple Heart, Blood Wood, Yellow Heart, Zebrawood, Poplar, Walnut, Cherry, Chechen, Tulip Wood. Frame: Spalted hackberry with purple heart inlay.
18in x 23.5in
Poplar, Pine, Purple Heart, Yellow Heart, Wenge, Canary Wood, Tulip Wood, Soft Wormy maple, California Red Wood, Zebra Wood, Douglas Fir, Cherry, Walnut, Apricot, Western Ceder, Spalted Burl, Snake Wood. Frame: Hard Maple, Wenge inlay.
18.5in x 24in
Poplar, Holly, Canary Wood, Walnut, Hard Maple, Soft Wormy Maple, Chechen, Wenge, Redwood, Aeromatic Cedar, Pink Ivory, Oak, Pine, Gum Wood, Aspen, Yellow Heart, Lace Wood, Mango, with Cherry frame.
"Grim Reaper"
Grim Reaper
12.5in x 8.5in
Raffled, Contact to comission another piece.
California Redwood, Poplar, Pine, Wenge, Cherry, Holly, Hard maple, Redwood, Spalted Hackberry, Spalted Burl.
9in x 15in
2nd Place at Colorado State Fair
Blood Wood, Wenge, Mahoghany, Paduuk, Moradillo, Walnut, Pine, Pink Ivory, Redwood, Bubinga, Spalted Burl, Oak plywood backing.